Gerald P. York

Portrait Painting & Sculpture

Web Development

Gerald P. York with Mr. Oreo

Pictured left to right

Mr. Oreo and Gerald P. York

Chief Information Officer and Web Development

Mr. Oreo is the Chief Information Officer at Mr. Oreo takes time out from sleeping all day, and hunting mice all night, to handle all aspects of web development. He spearheaded the rewriting of this website to xhtml and css in 2012.

In 2020, Mr. Oreo awoke from a nap and realized that many people see this website on cell phones, ipads, and you name it. So, cool as a cat, Mr. Oreo studied Responsive Web Design and rewrote the site (for a third time, he reminds me) in standards-based HTML5 and CSS. Will the W3C ever stop evolving the language of the internet? Can a cat please take a nap without being bothered by W3C Validator warning?

In addition to being an expert in web development, Mr. Oreo brings a great deal of style to our endeavor. Mr. Oreo is always attired in a black tuxedo, a white ascot shirt, and white shoes. When he is not sleeping, Mr. Oreo makes a very dapper and jaunty appearance.

So, as you browse this site, keep a sharp eye out for Mr. Oreo. He will show you parts of this website that I don't even know exist. He knows where all the cool stuff is.

Phone: 203.623.5015